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Project Uncivilization Continues

I have been out of the loop for a while since my last post. The main reason for this is that I lost the motivation to do anything about the problem we are facing today. Mostly because The Wild Will Project dissolved and the founder, John Jacobi, left the scene due to his sentimental attachment to humanity, and my main support for anti-technology projects, a buddy of mine, left the scene for coming years, for reasons I don’t want to discuss here.

For a few months I have tried to gather the right people. This was more difficult than expected because of difference in opinion. The deciding factor was a moral difference. I stand firm with the idea that living in any system that takes away ones autonomy and freedom is not worth living in and that it should, if possible, be taken down by whatever means necessary. Though not because I consider it to be morally unacceptable but rather because I value autonomy and freedom the most.

I am certain that the majority of people would like to live more autonomous and free, and perhaps a hand full of radicals feel the same way as I and would like to see the system collapse, regardless of the consequences, just to satisfy their own need for revenge. The question is not only of how we want to live our lives, but also how we want to die. We die some day anyway. It’s up to you (to some extent) to choose how to do so. However, is a global anti-tech revolution possible? I don’t know. So perhaps it is time for me to focus on myself and let the system collapse on its own.

Just after my last post on this blog I bought two donkeys thinking I could ignore the system and live a life on the road happily ever after. Well of course not literally, I mean, I know that life is and will probably always be a struggle. At least I hope so. I would get utterly bored if life was not. Besides happiness and struggle are two elements that can coexist. The idea of getting two donkeys instead of hitchhiking came to during a project Project Uncivilization in 2017. Then the Coronavirus hit, or worse, the regulations.

Me with Jack the donkey

Me with Jack the donkey.

Even though I wish to get back on the road, and this time with my donkeys, I feel like the system is pushing me into a position in which I can’t ignore it any longer and in which I must focus on an anti-tech movement and forget about a life on the road. But I stand firm with my decision to get back on the road until someone with the right skills, can take an anti-tech position. So from now on I will mainly focus on the ongoing Project Uncivilization while keeping an eye open for a promising anti-tech movement/group.

So, last week I managed to get the two donkeys closer to my place of residence and thus will be able to train them on a regular basis. Depending on a proposed vaccination passport and my willingness to get the vaccine I may hit the road by June or even May, this year.

Live wild or die,

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