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An update on The Wild Will Project

As some of you might have noticed, The Wild Will Project blog has been down since late October 2019 due to reasons that I won’t discuss here. However, the good news is that the website is probably only down temporarily. While John Jacobi is working on the solution I am taking the time to re-post some of The Wild Will Project articles on FWN.

Below is a list of articles written by John Jacobi and initially published on The Wild Will Project blog:

Review: Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How by Ted Kaczynski
Repent to the Primitive
History and Impact of Earth First

Then we also have article not written by John Jacobi but published by The Wild Will Project:

“Climate change on the living Earth” transcript (transcript by FWN)

Note that as soon as The Wild Will Project is up and running again, I will probably remove the above published works again.


  1. Hoot

    Good evening,
    I was following Jacobi’s writings on Wild Will and looking forward to the possibility of enough organization to really mess up “progress” at the very minimum. I still feel that a good “spark” could ignite a reaction to all the destructive progress going on…It’s 2020 now, and if we are in fact destined to go down, I think we can take a few wind turbines down with us.
    Best to Jacobi and all For Wild Nature,

    • Comment by post author

      Hello Hoot,

      I’m sorry for the late reply but I thank you for contacting us. I would love to hear what your plans are for the future. I will send you an e-mail.

      Welcome to For Wild Nature!

  2. Robert McGuinn

    Where the fuck is John Jacobi ? ! ? I miss him.

  3. Hoot

    Only thing that matters, is Jacobi utilizing his effectiveness as best as possible. The system has the net under control for sure, so that platform will no longer work for people like John. I’m sure he’s gone another route. We all have potential for effectiveness reaching very high levels,old fashioned-style, not utilizing the net, or any “friends” on the net. Jacobi would be just as effective with a big caliber,and a backpack full of magazines, just the same as any Revolutionary.
    Bunch of fools out there right now; protesting, smashing stores, confronting pigs,etc… Better role models may emerge soon. I would value John’s opinion on “timing” for certain things at this point.

    • Juice

      I appreciate the romanticism, but the truth is John is as active on Facebook as he ever was. If you want to speak to him, try there.

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