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An update on The Wild Will Project

As some of you might have noticed, The Wild Will Project blog has been down since late October 2019 due to reasons that I won’t discuss here. However, the good news is that the website is probably only down temporarily. While John Jacobi is working on the solution I am taking the time to re-post some of The Wild Will Project articles on FWN.

Below is a list of articles written by John Jacobi and initially published on The Wild Will Project blog:

Review: Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How by Ted Kaczynski
Repent to the Primitive
History and Impact of Earth First

Then we also have article not written by John Jacobi but published by The Wild Will Project:

“Climate change on the living Earth” transcript (transcript by FWN)

Note that as soon as The Wild Will Project is up and running again, I will probably remove the above published works again.

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