Mystery of wild nature

Whenever I lay down in the grass late at night and look at the sky (if it isn’t polluted with light) looking at thousands of stars, I get this amazing feeling of awe rushing throughme. Imagining what could be out there, how life could be different from here, the high probability of other organisms living on different planets in different solar systems and possibly even different galaxies. Who knows?

Well that’s the amazing thing. No one knows, and no one ought to know, because once we know, the magic is gone. Gone forever.

That is wild nature. Nature created all that is, all that will ever be, aside from the fact that some humans think they are God and tool around with nature and artificially develop, and in the process destroy the magic. Elements that have been here for thousands of years are destroyed, and some of those things that took billions of years to evolve won’t ever return. Well “ever” from a human perspective. A few billions of years for a human is basically “ever”. If we continue we won’t ever return that’s for sure, but life will continue, magic will continue with or without us.

That’s another thing, some of us think we ought to live forever, but what’s the magic in that? Is it not much more fun to know that we will some day disappear and won’t ever return? That some other organism may take our place and may make fire with a hand drill? Will we value life more when there is no end to all of this? Hundreds of thousands of people take their own lives every year because they do not, value life anymore, due to the emptiness caused by the very notion of artificially living forever in a world that has no magic anymore. Spiritually empty lives because we stuck our noses in places we weren’t allowed to stick it.

Let’s not explore the magic and leave it be. Let the world be a magical place full of wildness.

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  1. Hoot

    I am enjoying the early am hours of absolute peace & quiet with the lack of air traffic.
    Nature is much more admirable anyways, compared to machines of “progress”.

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