COVID-19 and a few of its consequences

It is April 16, 2020, a few months after the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Wuhan, China. In just a few days the virus spread through China like wildfire and within a few weeks it had spread globally –a pandemic. Today global confirmed cases passes the two million while the death toll passes the 140.000. Most of us are self-quarantined and many are forced to stay home, or, like in the Philippines risk to be shot on sight.

Millions of people are jobless. The economic damage is immense from which we may or may not recover, a recession is imminent, industrial civilization is on its knees. Many of us don’t entirely understand what is going on or how this could have happened to our so wonderful society. We trusted our society, we gave our freedom to it. Now we again have to pay a valuable price.

Some countries responded relatively quick while others, like Italy and Spain, responded too slow, Hungary and France used the situation to gain dictatorial control or to defuse the yellow vest movement, or as Sweden did ignored it all together because “we can’t stay at home the whole day.” Amazon, which teamed-up with governments in May 2018, to deploy new facial recognition technology, and its CEO Jeff Bezos profits from a pandemic. The system seizes the opportunity to tighten its control and increase surveillance over all of us.

The way countries acted differ quite a bit and the consequences are seen at the amount of deaths. Sweden counts a little more than 1.200 deaths while Finland counts 72 deaths. Both countries are geographically similar, but responded to advice differently.

Jaap van Dissel, director of Center for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention of the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), calls social-distancing a “poverty model” during a live conference on Dutch television and world leaders see an opportunity: global government.

The consequences are fun for nobody, especially not for the ones who value the last bit of freedom and privacy they have. Before the pandemic people were already tracked through their GPS, now countries could and probably will use the pandemic as an excuse to track people in more detail: “Governments in at least 25 countries are employing vast programmes for mobile data tracking, apps to record personal contact with others, CCTV networks equipped with facial recognition, permission schemes to go outside and drones to enforce social isolation regimes,” said The Guardian two days ago. We all know about China and its mass-surveillance campaign.

Worth noting is that movement data could be hijacked by hackers and made public for anyone who wants to use such information.

How could this pandemic happen, was it planned and is the system using the situation to strengthen its control and destruction of our last bit of remaining freedom and privacy? While some of us blame the Chinese for keeping wildlife in cages at so called wet markets, eating whatever they find on their path, others blame secret governments for altering an existing Coronavirus and engineer it into a stronger one, as a biological agent, or bioweapon, to depopulate the planet.

We live in society that demands the destruction of wild places for resources. Our civilization has destroyed a tenth of our global wilderness in just 25 years. Many diseases, like for example AIDS, Avian flu, SARS, MERS, Ebola and Zika, which would otherwise rarely come in contact with a human being, are now laid out in the open and ready to be transported globally. Which makes a pandemic we have now possible, and may very well be the beginning of a series of pandemics.

In a hunter-gather society this could not have happened, because even in the hypothetical case that a hunter-and-gatherer would come in contact with a zoonosis, a disease able to transfer from animals to humans, the chances of that person infecting the rest of the planet is, well, impossible. It would just infect his community, clan, family, or group of friends, and the zoonosis would just die out there.

While the top U.S. general says that the SARS-CoV2 likely occurred naturally, U.S. intelligence doesn’t know for sure. Evidence does suggest that bioresearch scientists in China may have accidentally caused this SARS-CoV2 pandemic. However, for now there is not enough evidence to support such theory.

Whether it be Chinese scientists that accidentally let a Coronavirus escape, or come from the wilderness due to destructive industrial practices, without our global transport system it could not have spread and in the case it were a hand full of scientists, without a bioresearch laboratory it could not have escaped a non-existing laboratory. However, there is a big difference in the two: one could happen naturally and is spread only by our global transport system, while the other happened through bioresearch or bioengineering. The latter might be the biggest threat we currently face. The former is however not less important than the latter.

Industrial civilization depends on both: without the global transport system it cannot exist or expand: Kazakhstan has banned exports of wheat flour, of which it is one of the world’s biggest sources, as well as restrictions on buckwheat, and vegetables like carrots, onions and potatoes. Vietnam, has temporarily suspended rice export contracts, Vietnam is the world’s third biggest rice exporter. Russia, the world’s biggest wheat exporter, may also restrict exports, as it has done before.

Without the biotechnology industry it cannot expand: the ability to use biotechnology is required for industrial civilization to protect itself from natural disasters or its own inevitable mistakes. In the case of the genetically modified mosquitoes in South-America, in an attempt to eradicate a population, the result was quite different and strengthened the population instead, or in the case of a Coronavirus research on bats, could mean a pandemic. Besides it being an insult to all life, biotechnology could have disastrous effects.

Live wild or die,

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  1. Hoot

    I agree wholeheartedly, Jeremy.
    What humans need to understand is the fact that Nazi scientists provided info to the states… …way back in the 1940’s. Bioweapons were being studied and experimented with 80 YEARS AGO !
    We’ve heard from fact-based Kaczynski writings that technology is not only advancing, but is advancing at an accelerated pace. We can only imagine what the “leaders” in biotech are up to at this point in time. To imagine for a moment that gangs such as the globalists, and their contractors, such as DARPA, wouldn’t use bioweapons to further their agenda is foolish and naive.
    Our well-known Revolutionary, Ted Kaczynski has made it clear as well, that the BIOTECH INDUSTRY should be one of the primary targets in a Revolution against industrial society.

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